Office Profile
For over 50 years our architectural office is
mostly dealing with construction projects for
public clients in the entire Federal Republic of
Germany, in recent years also in the Peoples
Republic of China. As many of our colleagues, we
are forced to focus more and more on certain
business fields, in our case upon technically high
equipped buildings of health care as well as
administration and research buildings. This
direction is also supported by the obligatory
application procedure according to the EU law.

We regret that to a certain point, because
architects are generalists, who enjoy working in a
wide range of planning projects. On the other hand
we are now extensively experienced in that field.

We are operating in all performance phases. And we
want to keep it that way, because the overview and
quality of a project from the beginning to the end
is very important to us.

Our assignment is not only the architectural
creation, even if that is the most interesting
aspect for us. We are emphasising upon the
dialogue between constructor and user about the
multiple function requirements to the building and
the realisation within the given time- and cost
schedule. Naturally, the required coordination of
the large planning team is part of our work, if
necessary even as general planners.