Technical office equipment
Internal network server/workstations, daily data backup
  • 23 CAD-workstations with ArchiCAD - interfaces DWG/DXF/IFC/PDF
  • 7 AVA-workstations with SIDOUN Netbau - interface GAEB 2000/90
  • Schedule program Asta Powerproject
  • Costing program Sirados and DBD-Baupreise
  • Image editing Adobe Photoshop
Internet access via DSL (all workstations)
Data transfer via E-Mail and VPN (Virtual Private Network - network access via internet)
Internet-based project platform as required
Output devices:
  • Inkjet printer and laser printer A4/A3
  • Inkjet plotter A0
  • large-scale copier
IT operations and maintenance by the IT representative of our company